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A Heritage of Quantitative Investing

Since 1993, Gerstein Fisher has applied a quantitative, structured approach to investing. The firm and its founder have received industry recognition for Gerstein Fisher's pioneering role in designing quantitative core growth equity strategies for individual investors. Informed by both time-tested academic research and leading-edge technology, Gerstein Fisher's multi-factor investment strategies are designed to deliver long-term results, but also employ factor exposures weighted in an attempt to deliver the medium-term results that investors demand.

The Gerstein Fisher Research Center

Gerstein Fisher's multi-factor strategies have been developed in collaboration with leading academics in finance, risk, and economics. In 2009 the Gerstein Fisher Research Center was established to formalize and expand upon these relationships. The Center's mission is to work towards solving critical investment issues through rigorous research that bridges the gap between academic theory and real world application, seeking the ultimate benefit of individual investors.

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